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Spinal Manipulation and Adjustments

When people think of chiropractors, work on the neck and back might be the first things that come to mind. Chiropractic adjustments are the most iconic treatments that chiropractors can provide. They can help give back pain, shoulder pain, and neck pain relief. They might even be able to help you recover from a personal injury. If you are interested in chiropractic treatment, we at Premier Chiropractic Clinic, serving Pittsburgh, PA, and McMurray, PA, are here to help.

A Manual Approach to Treatment

One of the most common treatments provided is chiropractic adjustments. These techniques can help with back pain and shoulder pain, improving motion and flexibility, realigning the spine and joints better, improving circulation and helping patients relax, both of which may help with healing and recovery.

One benefit of a chiropractic adjustment is that it doesn’t need any pharmaceuticals, there is no surgery, and patients are not exposed to anything with severe side effects either. Instead, chiropractic adjustments use the body’s own motion and movement to help itself. Even difficult issues like neck pain can be helped.

A chiropractic adjustment focuses on the various parts of the spine and how they are aligned, as well as how they can end up out of place. When one of the many of vertebrae, discs and joints goes out of line, it can pressure  that nerve highway. Patients then might then notice pain symptoms when this happens, especially after the shock of personal injury.

Pain Solutions Are Possible At Our Chiropractic Offices

Chiropractic adjustment manipulates the parts of the spine with a targeted technique. This approach moves a specific part of the spine with impact, potentially helping to realign the spine.

This chiropractic treatment can be applied to help solve back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain and more. It may be a useful treatment for personal injury damage, especially injuries that don’t seem to heal properly after a few weeks of initial recovery.

Our team at Premier Chiropractic Clinic can help with a chiropractor’s approach. You might not need to keep relying on painkillers for pain management. We can potentially help with a better solution that uses the body itself to repair its own damage. Give us a call to schedule an appointment or book online at either our Mt Lebanon or McMurray office.


What Our Patients Say

Joshua Bernard Forrest
Joshua Bernard Forrest
Dr. Meenan is highly skilled at detecting the exact source of the pain and the problem and in implementing techniques that are effective at generating relief. Very perceptive, and he listens carefully.
Aimee Moss
Aimee Moss
Great service, everyone is so friendly and helpful. They have managed to squeeze me in when I really tweaked my back and couldn’t really move!
Brianna Suppo
Brianna Suppo
By far the best massage. Amy was amazing. I needed some time to decompress and relax and she did just that for me. Highly recommend
Judy Dempsey
Judy Dempsey
Had a good experience at Premier Chiropractic Clinic. Office is run very efficiently. Very clean. Dr Brian was excellent.
G Rico
G Rico
Relaxing! Awesome!

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