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Spinal Decompression

Spinal decompression refers to a set of non-surgical and surgical treatments used to alleviate stress on neural components of the spine. We are the only institute in the South Hills of Pittsburgh to offer this relief for people suffering with disc issues. Our table uses a patented FDA Cleared technology to offer true spinal decompression.

Patients at Premier Chiropractic Clinic in McMurray can seek spinal decompression and chiropractic care treatment for their needs. Read more below to understand how spinal decompression can help you.

What Is Spinal Decompression?

Spinal decompression therapy is a safe, non-invasive, drug-free treatment option for patients with chronic neck and back pain caused by spinal-related conditions. Using a specialized table, the chiropractor pulls and releases the spinal column, relieving pressure caused by herniated or bulging discs. The relief of stress allows nutrients to go back into the disc, which helps rehydrate it and decrease pain levels.

What are my spinal discs?

Your spinal discs are your shock absorbers between each vertebra (or bone) in your body. They are fluid filled, made up of over 80% fluid. This allows us to move our spines in all sorts  of directions. Over time, discs can start to lose their hydration through degeneration, or they can start to herniate or bulge outwards. This puts extra pressure on the joints of the spine and the discs can often pinch nerves as they exit the spinal cord. This can send pain, numbness, tingling, etc. into the buttocks, legs, calves or feet. Discs can, and do sometimes, heal on their own without any sort of intervention. However, for the discs that do not heal, there is not a great surgical option for them. That is where spinal decompression comes in.

How does Spinal Decompression work?

Disc pressure can be measured during different activities that we do daily. When lying down, our discs are resting due to gravity not compressing them together. This has a disc pressure of 75 mm Hg. When sitting, our shock absorbers are working so that our vertebrae do not compress together and the disc pressure is at 125 mm Hg. When lifting up an item off the ground, our shock absorbers have to work even harder due to the extra compressive load. This results in disc pressures of 300-700 mm Hg. What spinal decompression does, is gap the vertebrae so that there is minimal pressure on the discs. The disc pressure when on this spinal decompression machine is around -135 mm Hg. That is 160 mm Hg difference when compared to sitting and over a 400 mm Hg difference when compared to lifting an object. That means the disc is able to heal with nutrients, glucose, oxygen, and fluid entering the disc, thus expanding it to work as the shock absorber it is designed to work as.

Can Spinal Decompression Help with Back Pain?

Spinal decompression provides relief for back pain and relieves symptoms of many different causes of back pain. Some causes of back pain, which can be treated by spinal decompression, may include sciatica, herniated discs, bulging discs, slipped discs, pinched nerves, and spinal stenosis. When the treatment alleviates pressure on the spinal column, it can help reduce pain and provide long-term relief for patients experiencing various types of back pain. This table allows us to target the specific segment that is causing the pain. We are the institute to help with your disc pain in Pittsburgh.

Alternative Treatments with Our Chiropractor

Seeing a chiropractor can help treat various conditions causing back pain, including a herniated disc or bulging disc. In addition to spinal decompression, chiropractors offer different treatment options to help patients with pain relief and help manage symptoms related to various health conditions. Alternative treatments a chiropractor uses can include massage, physical therapy, electrical stimulation, cold laser therapy, and nutritional counseling.

Treatment Is Possible At Our Chiropractic Offices

There is no need to continue struggling with back pain or take prescription pain medications to treat ongoing back pain. Instead, seeing a chiropractor can help treat the root cause of your back pain using spinal decompression and other alternative treatments.

Learn more about spinal decompression by scheduling an appointment with a chiropractor at Premier Chiropractic Clinic. We have been helping patients in McMurray and Pittsburgh, PA, and can help provide pain relief from back pain and other aches and pains throughout your body.

Give us a call to schedule an appointment or book online at either our Mt Lebanon or McMurray office.


What Our Patients Say

Salazar Sisters
Salazar Sisters
I came here in the worst pain of my life! I left with an enormous appreciation for this type of healing! I can not recommend enough! 10 STARS!
Joshua Bernard Forrest
Joshua Bernard Forrest
Dr. Meenan is highly skilled at detecting the exact source of the pain and the problem and in implementing techniques that are effective at generating relief. Very perceptive, and he listens carefully.
Aimee Moss
Aimee Moss
Great service, everyone is so friendly and helpful. They have managed to squeeze me in when I really tweaked my back and couldn’t really move!
Brianna Suppo
Brianna Suppo
By far the best massage. Amy was amazing. I needed some time to decompress and relax and she did just that for me. Highly recommend
Judy Dempsey
Judy Dempsey
Had a good experience at Premier Chiropractic Clinic. Office is run very efficiently. Very clean. Dr Brian was excellent.

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