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An Easy Fix For Your Chronic Low Back Pain!

Due to our sedentary nature, we often develop imbalances in our low back, legs and abs which can lead to low back pain. The most common cause of this is called Lower Crossed Syndrome. If you are a desk worker, or just find yourself with a constant dull, ache in your low back then this could be your problem.


Lower crossed syndrome was first described in 1979 by a Czechoslovakian physician named Vladimir Janda. It is caused by muscular imbalances of the core and lower extremity most likely caused by our sedentary lifestyles. Even the daily “Crossfitter” can develop these muscular imbalances due to their lifestyles outside of exercise. When we are seated, our hip flexors (muscles in the front of the hip) are in a shortened position. This causes them to become tight along with the low back muscles. While this is occurring, the abdominals and gluteal muscles become under-active or weak. They get used to not contracting when they are supposed to during our daily lives. This muscular imbalance pictured above results in an anterior tilt of the pelvis, and a compensatory hyperlordosis of the lumbar spine pictured below.

Ok, so how do I fix it to get rid of my chronic back pain?

The key to fixing this is:

  1. Stretching the hypertonic, tight muscles
  2. Strengthening the weak and underactive muscles.

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